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Nov 15, 2012 12:00pm CST
in response to all questions today? >> yes. >> investigation. >> a couple in california may have set a record. britney and jason been welcomed the three boys into the world. they weighed in at a total of 20 lbs. at birth. the current record is 18 lbs. for triplets so britney and jason are submitting paper work for the guinness book of world records. britney eight 6,000 cals a day to keep the babies healthy. i have breakfast a second breakfast lunch a second lunch, an afternoon snack, i was eating like normal people meal. >> britney is a registered nurse and says she has already lost the pounds since the babies were born. just ahead, the maker of twinkies britain to liquidate the entire company of striking workers don't return to the job. >> also ahead still at the postal service and the red. plus thei am alive with your bloomberg on the money report. >> this is a sign that the hurricane could slow economic growth. claims for unemployment rose by 70,000 last week. at the postal service very much in the red. 59. billion loss. much larger than anticipated. they have been urging congre
Nov 1, 2012 12:00pm CDT
california coast tuesday when he was attacked. experts say they think it was a young, great white shark. stephens has a 14-inch shark bite and several other tears to his body. he says the shark came out of nowhere and he just remembers it grabbing him and pulling him down. >>i punched the shark a couple of times until it released me. >>when stephens surfaced. people on the beach jumped into the water and pulled him to safety. he was taken to the hospital where he immediately had surgery. stephens says he plans on surfing again as soon as he's healed. president obama and republican candidate mitt romney got their campaigns back in full swing today. they'll hit several key states as they try and shore up support with the election just five days away. president obama is in green bay wisconsin at this hour. he's on a 24-hour whirlwind tour. criss-crossing the country to campaign in the swing states of wisconsin, nevada, colorado and ohio. republican mitt romney is making three campaign stops in the swing state of virginia today. he told supporters the country's economic troubles will not
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2